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BodyAlign is a new wellbeing and movement boutique studio with a focus on getting the body functional and strong, along with the overall wellbeing and health of our clients.

We are now in the process of setting up a new space offering smaller tailored Pilates classes using the spine corrector and private session and would like to get your views so we can tailor our offering.
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Have you every heard of the spine corrector? *

We are looking to offer small group class of no more then 4 people, so you get the personal attention of a semi private session. How do you feel about these types of classes? *

The Pilates Spine Corrector is used to increase the strength and flexibility of the spine, and also strengthens the torso, legs and arms.

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Which of the following would influence your decision the most to try out a spine corrector class or private session at BodyAlign? *

What days would you like classes to be on? *

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What price would you pay for a spine corrector class with no more than 4 people in the class? *

What price would you pay for a private session that is tailored to your need and using various equipment? *

How do you feel about our prices against other Pilates studios? *

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